Viva Hears is a full-service Hearing program focused entirely on your hearing healthcare. We’re a dedicated team of hearing industry experts who will work with you to identify your hearing abilities, build your profile with tailored solutions to showcase your hearing potential in your day to day life. Through data driven advice, the Viva Hears team helps you achieve your hearing goals.

Utilizing a 3-Step Process, the Viva Hears team develops a comprehensive plan to meet your hearing healthcare needs. With success being an ongoing goal, we revisit your hearing and communication goals along the way, providing intervention to help you continue to maintain and improve those abilities.

Our 3-Step Process involves; identification, education & treatment.

With Identification we map out your baseline hearing abilities, creating a custom outline of hearing protection and solution prescription, (if applicable). This map is utilized through the second and third steps.

Education takes your hearing map and works to educate yourself, family and friends of how to best communicate with yourself as well as to protect the hearing you have and want to maintain for optimal hearing.

If required we will provide prescription for services and/or products designed to help maintain and improve your hearing abilities, whether this be communication counselling, tinnitus related therapies, hearing protection and possibly hearing aids.

We recommend that each and every adult identify their baseline hearing levels and have this on their medical record, stored with the Family Physician.

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